Beauty is bone deep – Citracal

Agency: Energy BBDO New York
Client: Bayer Healthcare
Group Creative Director: Elaine Perri
Art Buying manager: Liz Miller- Gershfeld

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Citracal is a calcium supplement used to prevent and treat calcium deficiencies such as osteoporosis. Focusing on the idea and the creative needs of the art director, we worked to achieve the desired effect: the image of a woman seen through x-rays – anatomically accurate but with a natural and realistic feeling at the same time – to convey the idea of a healthy woman with strong bones.
At first, we considered some hypotheses for the job that we ultimately discarded. We chose to start from scratch, instead, and did not use any existing fashion photos as some kind of template to create the image. We decided to begin by shooting a model in order to obtain the natural and realistic result we were looking for.
Through experimenting, we found the ideal way to get the best body outline effect: photographing the model with a nude colored suit on (we tried different colors for the suit and assessed the light refraction effects they gave) and using a ring light. The powerful and centralized light allowed us to achieve images with harsh contrast that we manipulated by inverting colors: photos taken on a white background, once reversed, resulted in a clear image on a black background.

Production: casting and shooting

We opened a casting call in NY to find the perfect model for the project, paying particular attention to the body proportions of the body which became the decisive factor. The shoot was held at the legendary Milk Studios in NYC.
We photographed the model in various poses, both wearing some accessories (necklace, belt, bags and boots) and wearing none. The accessories were also exposed as x-rays. As a reference for the 3D creation of the insides we used animal organs under x-rays. Even the product packaging was x-rayed making the pills inside appear visible.


In post-production, we assembled all the photographic elements and created a skeleton in CGI. Since this campaign is addressed to the medical sector, we paid rigorous attention to the correct modeling of bones and organs.

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