LSD is located in Milan, Italy and is the collaborative output of partners Marco Casale and Paolo Dall’Ara. Founded in 1998, LSD continues to answer market demands for a creative product integrating new technologies, therefore combining the creative with the technical and rendering it at the forefront of trends in this sector.

Marco was born in New York but raised in Venice, Italy and cultivated a passion for photography at a young age. Being the son of a famous advertising photographer and growing up in an artistically renouned city, he was naturally drawn to the arts himself which saw him pursue this in his studies. He began shooting with 35mm film, once reaching the professional market moving on to using the Hasselblad for portrait work and the 8”/10” Sinar for still-life work. He draws inspiration from music, culture and design and among his favourite artists are Monet, Irving Penn for his black-and-white portraits and Mark Rothko and the torment in his brushstrokes.

Paolo was born and raised in Milan, Italy where he furthered his studies soon becoming a professional photorealist illustrator.

He expanded his art and expertise with the arrival of the digital era, focusing on more advanced digital technology while moving into photography himself. He uses his passion for meditation and a greater understanding of human interaction through his travels to deepen his sensitivity and keen tecnical eye. The Italian ‘Macchiaioli’ artist movement and in particular Serafino de Tivoli has been of great influence on Paolo, as have the works of fellow photorealist painter Richard Estes and photographer Ansel Adams’ black-and-white landscapes.

Marco and Paolo’s partnership brought together their strengths and different approaches combining creativity and technical skill which results in a 360° artistic collaboration. Together they have built a small production house, specialising in photographic services, post-production, 3D rendering and have branched out into directing short annimations for web advertising.

LSD’s recurrent style has taken inspiration from its Italian renaissance influence, evolving into a modern interpretation of romanticism juxtaposed with minimalism. Having been present in the advertising sector for over a decade LSD have a strong understanding that a successful photoshoot must have the correct synergy between creativity, technique and the neccesity to communicate. Creating a successful photo/campaign needs a high degree of technical preparation, however knowing when to break the rules is also fundamental.

Through its work, LSD strive to expose a ‘slice-of-life’, representing not only a purely aesthetic viewpoint but also showing real emotions and breaking barriers for social discussions. Various social issues have also been confronted and developed with important non-profit projects.

LSD’s mission is to remain technologically and artistically up-to-date as seen by their recent move into 3D motion work in the past few years. They have built a strong studio team in order to have total control over the work they produce and are capable of satisfying the ever changing market  and its demands. LSD believe that the collaborative viewpoints they can provide in all aspects give them the professional advantage needed to enhance their work.


Its collaborations with advertising agencies include Havas, JWT, Klein Russo, TBWA, AdStore, Publicis, Olgivy & Mother and others; working for clients such as Durex, Smart, Vodafone, Yamaha, Belotti, Aprilia, Purina, Ferrero, San Carlo, Mercedes Benz, Saiwa and many more.

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